Moss Manor is a name that conjures a feeling: being enveloped, ensorceled, engulfed in the deep green of nature, usually but not always benevolent. Moss Manor is a Michigan supergroup comprised of three tall fellows with magnificent hair: Seth Bernard, activist tunesmith; Michael Dause, of Treeskin, and proprietor of TreeTone Studios; and Dan Rickabus, human grin/Crane Wives drummer. This music developed and circulated during the pandemic as a way to process some of that experience: the isolation, the return to nature, the rediscovery of free time, and the making of music for its own sake. And now, freed from their homes, Moss Manor is learning how to play their intricate songscapes in a live setting. Come on out and watch them construct a tower of melody in a very green world.

Special Guest

Justin Avdek

Justin Avdek is a Multi-instrumentalist/Producer from Michigan who has collaborated and played with many artists such as Earth Radio, War and Treaty, Seth Bernard Eric Engblade, Mark Lavengood and played on soundtracks such as Narco Wars on Nat Geo and an Emmy Award Winning Soundtrack for PBS’ The Last Artifact. His latest record “(Moonsongs) From The Circle Window” is a showcase of his production and depth as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His influences and music moods span across the board, always twisting and turning. From singer/songwriter to through composed mind trips. Always attempting to push the envelope, while keeping the listener engaged."

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